ACEA Conference 2018

This year's conference theme was Leadership, Live, and Learn.
The 2018 ACEA Conference was once again hosted at the Banff Park Lodge.

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Alberta Correctional Education

Education is not the only avenue towards recovering and protecting one’s dignity in prison but it is a major one. Done right, it offers a modicum of the authority required of a person for [transformation]. It makes a person in some modest way master of his or her own mind

-Matthew Spellberg (Princeton University)

(Image by Gord McKenna, taken from Flickr)

Alberta Correctional Education

Many of the people that are in jail are those that have had poor educational backgrounds... it doesn't mean that they aren't interested in learning

-Nalini Nadkarni University of Utah

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Transformational Learning in a Correctional Setting

The ACEA is an organization that was created 29 years ago and is dedicated to the academic, vocational and personal development of inmates through various programs. Studies have shown that inmates that participate in these programs reduce the likelihood of returning to jail by 43% and are 28% more likely to to be employed than those who did not receive any additional programing... (L.M. Davis, RAND) read more

2018 Conference

This year's theme was Leadership, Live and Learn. The conference was held at the Banff Park Lodge from February 28- March 2, 2018. read more